The conference of the Science Network Human Behavior in Evolutionary Perspective (Menschliches Verhalten in Evolutionärer Perspektive – MVE) took place in 2017 under the motto „Sex and Gender“. The Chair of Media Psychology at the University of Würzburg was represented with a total of six lectures and three posters. I was invited to present a self-developed, evaluated preference scale to an expert audience.

The lectures of the Chair of Media Psychology at the 17th conference of the scientific network „Human Behavior in Evolutionary Perspective“ dealt with correlates of pornography consumption, linguistic dexterity in intrasexual competition, the use of language in online dating, the attractivity-enhancing effect of smartphones, emotional reactions to social robots as well as childhood characteristics of media figures.

Two poster contributions on supernormal stimuli emerged from an in-depth media-psychological seminar by Prof. Schwab. We presented our research results on supernormal stimuli on the spot at the University of Ulm.

In addition, the anthology „Evolutionary Aesthetics“ was shown for the first time at the MVE conference in Ulm. Dr. Lange, my later internship supervisor, was the editor of this.

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    Will, J., Donnermann, M., Volk, P., Roder, M., Adler, D., & Schwab, F. (2017, March). Development of a new scale for measuring preference for supernormal over natural stimuli in media context. Poster to be presented at the 17th annual conference of the MVE-Liste – Menschliches Verhalten in Evolutionärer Perspektive, University of Ulm, Germany.